Jun 20

Jailbroken iPhone 3g 3.0 firmware

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Thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team for releasing the Pwnage Tool 3.0, I was able to upgrade to the jailbroken 3.0 firmware. The install process went very smoothly. I followed a similar procedure to what they demo’d on their youtube video. Some of my favorite jailbroken apps don’t work with the new firmware. Here are my findings:


  • Cycorder: Yes
  • OpenSSH: Yes
  • SBS Settings: Yes
  • Icy: Yes
  • Cydia: Stability issues
  • PdaNet: Yes, but possible stability issues
  • Winterboard: Mostly, some themes weren’t stable
  • Pwnplayer: no
  • Snapture: no
  • NES: no

Overall the new 3.0 features were well worth upgrading. The only app I will really miss is Pwn player and I hope there will be a similar replacement (it’s no longer maintained).  As for the other apps, I’m sure they’ll be getting updates soon.  Please let me know what apps you have working.

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  1. Shep June 25th, 2009 12:31 pm

    After an update to Cydia, it seems to be working well now. Still hoping for PdaNet to stabilize. All in all, the jailbroken 3.0 firmware is working well!

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